Best Electric Screwdriver 2017

From experience I can tell you that one of the most-appreciated gifts ever was an electric screwdriver. When you’ve been painfully screwing in a lot of screws by hand, it is such a relief to have a tool which does it for you, effortlessly and so quickly, compared to the laborious and unaccustomed effort involved hand driving screws. The pain in your hands wrists is a thing of the past.

Best Electric ScrewdriverHowever there is a major point to look out for here – get the most powerful model with the longest battery life you can. Some models ship with 2 batteries, and this is an excellent idea, as one battery can be put on to charge while the other is in use. Battery life becomes a major issue if you have lots of screws to drive, and an extended wait while the battery charges is can be time-consuming and tiresome, and really negates the speed with which you can work with the electric screwdriver.

If you have a large job requiring lots of screws which are mostly easily accessible, then a drill/driver which operates off a cord is a blessing. The cordless driver can then be used in the out-of-the way places. Or you might be able to get a driver with a cord, although they are quite scarce.

The electric screwdriver also cannot always handle the effort of screwing bigger screws or harder material. And this is another area where the electric drill/driver comes into its own.

The cordless electric screwdriver comes into its own when you need a light, compact tool to work in difficult-to-reach places – conditions often met when driving screws. And many models are particularly good at getting into tight places which you cannot even reach by hand. Also if you are working on your wiring and need to shut off the house power.

I suppose the solution is to make sure your drill is a driver as well, to act as a back-up for those few tasks where your electric screwdriver isn’t coping.

Things to consider when shopping a electric screwdriver:

  • Power – most electric screwdrivers are cordless, and there are always jobs which mandate a cordless model… the higher the voltage the better, and the tougher the task it can handle. They also come in 2.4, 3.6 or 4.8 volts, with some available with a higher voltage. Generally, the higher the voltage, the better it will handle tougher jobs.
  • Shape – how compact do you need it to be? The multi-positional ones are perhaps the most adaptable. The pistol-grip models are the most bulky, but may have bigger batteries to compensate. The straight ones can’t always get into awkward places.
  • Battery technology – Lithium-ion is the best type of battery. A lithium-ion battery has a longer life and holds its charge for longer when not in use.
  • Variable speed and torque – this lets you handle tougher jobs. Ni-cad is also a good battery.
  • A rapid charge battery – this can be very useful for large jobs.
  • Light – this is very useful to see what you’re doing in a confined place.
  • Comfort – the grip should have a good shape and be made from material that is easy to hold.
  • Bit selection – if the bits that come as standard are inadequate for your needs, you can usually get a bit set which will fit your drill’s chuck.
  • Will you be able to find spares? a reputable manufacturer with a good warranty and repair network is an essential.

Just keep the points mentioned above in mind and you can’t go far wrong. An electric screwdriver is a tool which makes you wonder how you ever coped without it.

10 Best Electric Screwdrivers 2017

1. Milwaukee 2402-22 M12 Fuel 1/4 Hex 2-Spd Screwdriver Kit W/2 Bat

Best Electric Screwdriver 2017

The M12 FUEL 1/4″ Hex 2-speed Screwdriver Kit delivers longer productivity in a compact size. This 2-speed screwdriver provides up to 10X longer motor life, 2X more power, and 2X more run time. The POWERSTATE Brushless Motor outperforms all leading competitors with constant power output, yet runs cooler with no wearable components. The REDLITHIUM 2.0 Battery Pack delivers up to 20% more power and 2X more recharges than standard lithium-ion batteries, as well as best-in-class performance in extreme job site conditions. The onboard fuel gauge helps you monitor the charge more accurately, so there’s less downtime on the job.

  • The M12 FUEL 1/4″ Hex 2-speed Screwdriver’s optimized design results in superior speed for greater productivity on the jobsite
  • Its compact size allows users to work in tight spaces
  • The built-in LED worklight illuminates work surfaces in dark work spots
  • Delivers up to 325 in-lbs of peak torque with maximum sustained torque to complete a variety of applications
  • Superior pack construction, electronics, and performance deliver more work per charge and more work over pack life than any battery on the market
  • REDLINK PLUS intelligence ensures maximum performance and protection from overload, overheating and over-discharge.

Best Electric Screwdriver



2. Senco DS332-AC 3″ Corded 2500 RPM Auto-feed Screwdriver

Best Electric Screwdrivers 2017

With the capability to drive up to 3-inch screws this Auto-Feed screwdriver is perfect for the professional general contractor driving a wide variety of screws into many different applications. Combining the versatility of the patent pending corner-fit feed system and corded all day power you can count on this tool to drive into almost any application.

  • 2,500 RPM high-torque motor and patent pending corner-fit feed system
  • Tool-free screw length adjustment and belt hook-right or left handed adjustable
  • Quick slide button bit change and variable speed trigger with lock and reverse
  • Patented sliding screw guide and precise depth-of-drive adjustment with depth lock
  • Comes complete with two drive bits, drywall and wood nosepiece, and storage bag

Best Electric Screwdrivers



3. Makita XSF03Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Drywall Screwdriver (Bare Tool Only)

Makita XSF03Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Drywall Screwdriver (Bare Tool Only)

The Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Drywall Screwdriver is ideal for hanging sheetrock, metal framing, installing subfloors, backer board, and decking applications.

  • BL Motor delivers 0-4,000 RPM to handle a variety of drywall and framing applications
  • Push Drive Technology – in lock-on mode the motor starts only when the fastener is engaged for a quieter work environment and to save battery power
  • The BL Brushless Motor eliminates carbon brushes, enabling the BL Motor to run cooler and more efficiently for longer life
  • Efficient BL Brushless motor is electronically controlled to optimize battery energy use for up to 50 percent longer run time per charge
  • The electronically-controlled BL Brushless Motor efficiently uses energy to match torque and RPM to the changing demands of the application

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4. DEWALT DCF680N2 8V Max Gyroscopic Screwdriver 2 Battery Kit

DEWALT DCF680N2 8V Max Gyroscopic Screwdriver 2 Battery Kit

DEWALT(R) continues its tradition of quality professional tools with this 8V screwdriver kit. The motion activation makes it easier to drive screws comfortably – just turn your wrist to engage the drive. The adjustable 2-position handle lets you stay comfortable wherever you’re working. In addition, the included light lets you see in confined spaces. When you want a great deal of torque in a small package, this 8V kit is what you need.

  • Motion-activated variable speed & reversing control for precise fastening control
  • 0 rpm-430 rpm for fastening into wood, plastic & light-gauge metal
  • Adjustable 2-position handle allows for operation in either in-line or pistol-grip
  • Motion activation variable speed and reversing control
  • 15 clutch position settings
  • 8v max battery pack

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5. DEWALT DW920K-2 1/4-Inch 7.2-Volt Cordless Two-Position Screwdriver Kit

DEWALT DW920K-2 1/4-Inch 7.2-Volt Cordless Two-Position Screwdriver Kit

Fast, efficient, and versatile, the DEWALT DW920K-2 1/4-inch 7.2-volt cordless two-position screwdriver kit features heavy-duty construction, the convenience of variable speed, and a 7.2-volt battery pack for quick charging and longer run time in small fastening applications. It’s ideal for professional use and comes with two batteries, a charger, bit, and kit box for easy storage and portability.

  • Provides 80 inch-pounds of maximum torque output
  • Variable speed (0 – 500 RPM) and reversing trigger switch for versatility
  • Includes batteries, charger, bit, and kit box
  • Weighs 3.5 pounds for easy handling
  • Backed by a limited three-year warranty

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6. BLACK+DECKER BDCS80I 8V MAX Impact Screwdriver

BLACK+DECKER BDCS80I 8V MAX Impact Screwdriver

The BLACK+DECKER BDCS80I 8-volt MAX impact screwdriver features 10x speed and 2x torque for increased range of tasks versus other screwdrivers. This unit allows variable speed for increased control, all contained in a compact size for comfortable usage and easy storage.

  • This unit has a LED light for better visibility when completing tasks
  • The 8-volt lithium-ion battery can hold a charge for up to 18 months, so it’s ready when you are
  • Great for use on furniture assembly, installation (cabinets, drawers, curtains, blinds, etc), woodworking projects, hanging pictures/decorative items, and installing shelves

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7. Hitachi DB3DL2 3.6 Volt Lithium Ion Dual-Position Cordless Screwdriver Kit

Hitachi DB3DL2 3.6 Volt Lithium Ion Dual-Position Cordless Screwdriver Kit

The Hitachi DB3DL2 Lithium-Ion 3.6-Volt Cordless Screw Driver features improved circuit protection to keep its motor running longer in a newly designed tool body with an improved LED light. The DB3DL2 comes equipped with an exchangeable 3.6-Volt Lithium-Ion battery system for a steady level of power, 3-times longer battery life and 50-percent lighter weight compared to traditional NiCad batteries.

  • It features a 1/4-inch hex chuck for quick and easy bit replacements, convertible tool body conforming from straight to pistol grip as needed and a compact, lightweight size that makes this versatile tool easy to use
  • This screwdriver can generate no-load speeds ranging from 200 to 600-RPM
  • It also offers 21 clutch settings to drive screws flush into wood or drywall and has a spindle lock for manually tightening screws, as well as an easy to use forward/reverse switch to change bit direction with the push of a button
  • It’s powered by 1.5-amp-hour Lithium-Ion battery for fade free power (two included)
  • The 1/4-inch hex chuck is used for quick bit changes
  • Built-in LED light to illuminate the work surface
  • This screw driver is compact and lightweight, measuring 10.55-inches long and weighing less than 1-pound (0.9-pound)
  • Overload and over-discharge circuit protection offer high durability

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8. SKIL 2356-01 360 Quick-Select 12-Bit Interchangeable Power Screwdriver

SKIL 2356-01 360 Quick-Select 12-Bit Interchangeable Power Screwdriver

If you tackle lots of DIY projects around the house, the 2356-01 360 quick select cordless screwdriver is for you.

  • It comes with 12 bits stored in a rotating compartment on the tool
  • Install drapery hardware or assemble a shed, this powerful screwdriver has a 4V lithium-ion battery that holds a charge up to 18 months
  • It comes with a micro USB charger and cable that can be used with computer or cell-phone chargers, so you can work just about anywhere
  • The 2356-01 360 Quick Select also features a built-in LED work light for better visibility, a forward/reverse indicator and a battery gauge

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9. VonHaus 6 in 1 USB Charging Cordless Electric Screwdriver (3.6V Li-Ion) with 6pc Bit Set

VonHaus 6 in 1 USB Charging Cordless Electric Screwdriver (3.6V Li-Ion) with 6pc Bit Set

Designed with power, performance, versatility and efficiency in mind, the portable VonHaus Cordless Electric Revolver Screwdriver is ideal for a wide range of tasks around the home and in the garage. From building new flat pack furniture to hanging up picture frames, whatever the task in hand, it has been designed to make the job easy.

  • Equipped with a 3.6V lithium-Ion battery with 40 lb/in max. torque, the Power Screwdriver reaches full charge in just 3- 5 hours, allowing you power on with those all-important tasks with minimum delay
  • LED lights indicate current battery status
  • Forward / reverse feature provides effortless screw driving and fuss-free screw removal
  • Compact, lightweight design with soft grip handle for optimal handling and superior comfort
  • Charge via USB or mains charger included
  • Comes complete with free holster belt

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10. WORX WX254L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver with 12 Driving Bits

WORX WX254L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver with 12 Driving Bits

Worx’s WX254L SD semi-automatic power screwdriver with 12 driving bits takes the convenience of cordless screwdriving applications to the next level thanks to its rapid-reloading technology that allows you to change bits with a single slide.

  • Includes two sets of bit cartridges to interchange within the tool so bits never get lost and are always ready to load via its automatic bit-shift functionality
  • Ideal for the avid tool guru and DIYers alike, the WX254L is handy for use around the house to tighten loose screws on furniture, cabinetry, woodwork, and more
  • Plus, its 4-volt maximum lithium-ion battery holds its charge for months on end, so it’s always ready to use

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