Must Have Table, Circular, Wet Tile Saws

Table saws

Bosch 4000 table saw

Bosch 4000 Saw

The Bosch 4000 is a very large table saw with dimensions of 29″ x 21-1/2″. The 4000 Bosch is a portable table saw that comes with a cord wrap and on board storage system and molded grip areas which makes it more secure and comfortable for carrying. This Bosch table saw has a powerful 15 amp, 4.4 HPmax tool output and a soft start for quieter, smoother start-ups.

The Bosch 10″ Worksite table saw 4000 comes with construction/framing blades, an owners manual and warranty. It has a bevel angle range of -2 degrees to 47 degrees and a voltage of 120V. The extended width of the Bosch 4000 table top is 40″.

The Bosch 4000 table saw is made in Taiwan and weighs 60 lbs. It has a blade diameter of 10″ an amperage of 15.0, and a hertz of 60. If you ever need additional power and protection against overload, than the 4000 Bosch model is the answer for you – this Bosch saw table has a constant response circuitry which does all this as well as monitors torque demand. You can also find the Bosch 4000 09 and 4000 07 worksite table saws online at discount prices.

Powermatic 66 table saw

Powermatic 66 Saw

The Powermatic 66 – 1660791K 5 HP table saw features a high efficiency belt system and a heavy duty one piece cast iron trunion for superior stability. This powermatic table saw has a left tilt blade which prevents binding and reduces tear-out. It even has a fan-cooled enclosed motor for protection from dust.

The Powermatic table saw with single phase 3HP motor has a 50 inch fence that is accurate, smooth, and easy to operate. This saw is quiet, powerful, and very accurate with an excellent fit and finish. All 66 model powermatics have a precision cast iron table which is ground and polished to a fine mirror finish. Other model 66 Powermatic versions include the Xcaliber fence, Left Tilt With Mobile Base, With Cast Iron Fence and Extension Table, and With Router.

Other power tools by Powermatic include the 1791279K Model 54A 6″ Jointer with Stand, 1791209 15″ Wood Planer, 1660791K 5 HP, 1-Phase Model 66 Table Saw with 50″ Fence, 1610077K Model 60B 8″ Jointer, 1791296 Model 209 20 inch Planer, Powermatic 1660760K Model 66 3 HP Table Saw, 1352000 Wood Turning Lathe, 1791216K PWBS-14CS Deluxe Bandsaw, 1791210 Model 15S Deluxe Planer and 1660802K Model 66 Special Edition 3 HP, Table Saw.

Circular saws

Dewalt circular saws: DEWALT now offers lighter weight, extra power and more innovation with two new heavy-duty 7 ¼” circular saws.

Circular saw

At 9.8 pounds, DEWALT’s DW369CSK circular saw offers a lightweight, ergonomic design with a new user-driven innovation — a patented high-strength base made from composite material that can withstand a one-story drop without breaking or bending. This durable base holds up under normal rigors and drops on the worksite so users can avoid the hassle of lost productivity and high maintenance costs related to a bent tool.

Designed for heavy-duty cutting, the motor on the DW369CSK circular saw produces 2,200 maximum watts out and 5,800 rpms at 15 amps. Beveling capacity was increased to 56° making it easier for users such as roofing framers to cut greater angles. Pre-set bevel stops are located at 45° and 22.5° to help users quickly lock in the most common bevel angles. The lower guard is designed specifically to improve performance when making bevel cuts or cutting thinner wood such as shims. Clear line-of-sight at the blade allows users to see their cutting line from any angle. In addition, an electric brake stops blade rotation within two seconds when the trigger is released.

DEWALT’s DW368K circular saw is the lightest contractor-grade circular saw available, weighing just 9.5 pounds. DEWALT boosted the power with a 15-amp motor that produces 2,200 maximum watts out at 5,800 rpms. In addition, the main and auxiliary handles are ergonomically designed, giving the saw a comfortable feel, as if it’s an extension of the user’s arm.

The circular saw’s 56° beveling capacity allows users to easily cut extreme angles for any given application. The lower guard is designed specifically to improve performance when making bevel cuts or cutting thinner wood such as shims. Clear line-of-sight at the blade allows users to see their cutting line from any angle.

Wet tile saw

Dewalt wet tile saw: DEWALT, a leading manufacturer of power tools, today introduced its new portable 10″ inch wet tile saw. The new D24000 10″ wet tile saw is the only cart saw on the market to offer 24″ rip capacity and 18″ capacity on diagonal with a total weight under 70 pounds. DEWALT designed this tile saw with innovative features such as a patented water containment system and the highly accurate ACCU-TRAC™ rail system. In addition, the D24000 can make plunge cuts as well as quick 45o/22.5o bevel cuts. These features provide the professional contractor with a unique wet tile saw that will increase productivity on the job-site.

Dewalt wet tile saw

The Dewalt D24000 tile saw is equipped with its patented, stainless steel ACCU-TRAC™ rail system that is integrated into the saw frame and ensures accurate cuts, alleviating the need for daily calibration. Micro-fine tuning screws provide quick and easy vertical and horizontal rail adjustment. The cart features sealed, dual-bearing rollers, which alleviate cart wobble and eliminate the need for lubrication. The rustproof, stainless steel rail system ensures durability and strength throughout the life of the saw. The Dewalt saw also features a cut indicator, making it quick and easy to align cuts from blade to fence.

The new Dewalt D24000 10″ wet tile saw is the only cart saw on the market to offer 24″ rip capacity and 18″ capacity on diagonal with a total weight under 70 pounds. The cutting cart cantilevers off the front and back of the rails to offer large capacity without the need for a long water pan and rail system. The offset support arm provides 12.5 inches of clearance to the left of the blade. The user can also utilize the detachable cart extension for extra support when ripping large tiles and clipping corners.

Through extensive field research, DEWALT identified the need for a wet tile saw that could handle tough demands on the jobsite while being lightweight and easy to transport. The 1.5 horsepower, 15 Amp motor in the DEWALT tile saw offers the same performance as motors in larger, heavier saws, but this unit weighs in at only 69 pounds. DEWALT designed the D24000 with an aluminum frame and ABS plastic water pan to further reduce the overall weight. The D24000’s low weight and compact water pan make it possible for one user to transport the saw into the worksite in just 2 easy trips

Innovative features to contain mist, blade spray and run-off separate the DEWALT tile saw from similar products offered by competitive brands. The D24000 boasts best-in-class water containment made possible by large, detachable water trays that catch water spray and spill-over and direct it back into the pan while blade overspray is controlled by a heavy-duty 3-piece, rubber shroud. It also offers an adjustable water nozzle system that delivers water to the point of the cut without creating a tremendous amount of mist. Working with the nozzle system, a flow restrictor controls the volume of water that reaches the blade in order to limit water mist and over-spray.

The integrated 45o and 22.5o bevel feature allows the user to make fast angled cuts without the need for an awkward and bulky 45o cart block. The head also plunges into the material, making pocket cuts quick and easy for AC registers and electrical outlets.

Other features on the Dewalt D24000 tile saw include a large heavy-duty on/off switch, a rubber cart surface, extra wide edge guide for increased accuracy and a number of on-board storage placements. General contractors, tile setters, and remodelers will find that this tile saw provides many options to increase jobsite productivity. The D24000 Dewalt tile saw easily cuts man made materials such as ceramic and porcelain and natural stones such as marble, granite, travertine, slate, limestone and brick. A folding stand (D24001) with adjustable heights is available for the D24000.